Top 10 Fastest Processors | CPU chips | graphic chips in the world

Top 10 Fastest Processor | CPU chips | graphic chips in the world

The Internet has created an economic myth. We are thinking: a country’s ability to innovate is ultimately the performance of innovative technology in the country’s market competition. The market is the main criterion for measuring the value of innovation, and enterprises should be the main embodiment of the country’s ability to innovate.

The US sanctions ZTE (ZTE), China’s chip imports over 200 billion US dollars and other hot topics on the chip is also occupying the major news media, which is enough to reflect the importance of a country’s independent innovation, and China is also fully promoting from China Manufacturing to the process of creation in China. Only by having independent innovation can we be invincible.

The following are 2018 global top 10 semiconductor chips, graphics chip, CPU chip list, of which 10 of the top 10 chip list, from the United States, also reflects the gap between China’s chip and the United States, come on China!

Intel Intel (Intel Corporation )

Founded in 1968, the United States, the world’s larger chip supplier, micro- processor / chipset / board / system and software technology giant, Intel Corporation.

Brand origin : United States

SAMSUNG Samsung (Samsung Group)

South Korea began in 1938, Fortune 500 companies, there’s Samsung Electronics / Samsung C & T / Samsung Aerospace / Samsung Life Insurance and other subsidiaries, involving a number of electronic / Finance / mechanical / chemical and other fields of large multinational companies.

Brand origin: South Korea

Qualcomm Qualcomm (Qualcomm Wireless Communication Technology Co., Ltd. )

Qualcomm Wireless Communications Technology (China) Co., Ltd., the top ten chip brand, was founded in 1985 in the United States, and is well-known in the leading position in CDMA technology, focusing on 3G chipset, system software and integrated international enterprises developing tools and products . . Qualcomm attaches great importance to research and development and has provided technology licensing to more than 100 manufacturers , covering all brands of telecommunications equipment and consumer electronics in the world .

Brand origin: United States

NVIDIA (NVIDIA Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd.)

Beginning in 1993, the top ten brands of chips, the industry leader in visual computing technology and the inventor and leader of GPUs, focus on technology companies that are designed to complement their 3D glasses.

Brand origin: United States

AMD (Super Wei Semiconductor Products Co., Ltd.)

AMD, which started in the United States in 1969, is the top ten chip brand. In 2006, it acquired chip giant ATI. In 2010, it officially abandoned the ATI logo, specializing in designing and manufacturing various innovative microprocessors, flash memory and computer/communication/consumer electronics industries. A comprehensive enterprise of low power processors. AMD designs and manufactures innovative microprocessors (CPUs, GPUs, APUs, motherboard chipsets, TV card chips, etc.), flash memory and low power processor solutions for the computer, communications and consumer electronics industries .

Brand origin: United States

Hynix Hynix (SK Hynix Semiconductor Co., Ltd.)

Founded in 1983 in South Korea, the world’s leading memory chip manufacturer, to produce the necessary D-RAM and NAND flash memory products for IT equipment. It is the world’s second-largest memory chip and the first in the world’s largest semiconductor market in China’s D-RAM sector. SK Hynix is ​​dominant not only in Korea but also in the world IT industry.

Brand origin: South Korea

TI Texas Instruments (Texas Instruments Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd.)

TI Texas Instruments, the top ten calculator chip manufacturer, began in the United States in 1930 to develop, manufacture, and market semiconductor and computer technologies, primarily for research, manufacturing, and sales of innovative digital signal processing and analog circuits.

Brand origin: United States

Micron Micron (Micron Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd.)

Founded in 1978 in the United States, the well-known manufacturer of semiconductor memory products, the world’s leading manufacturer of semiconductor storage and imagingproducts. Micron Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Micron Technology) is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of semiconductor storage and imaging products, and its main products include DRAM, NAND flash memory and CMOS image sensors. Micron’s advanced products are widely used in mobile, computer, service, automotive, network, security, industrial, consumer and medical fields.

Brand origin: United States

MediaTek Mediatek (Lianfa Bot Technology Co., Ltd.)

Lianfa Bo Technology Co., Ltd., started in 1997, is a Taiwan-listed company, the world’s leading system single-chip supplier, dedicated to creating a modern enterprise that spans IC solutions in information technology, consumer electronics and wireless communications. The company offers cutting-edge system-on-a-chip solutions and is an IC design company worldwide that can create IC solutions across information technology, consumer electronics and wireless communications. At present, the overview has become one of the world’s top IC design companies. As the global industry’s innovation leader, the company has not dared to neglect, always at the forefront of technological development, and carefully created the Tri-Cluster three-cluster processor architecture and the true eight-core LTE smartphone platform.

Brand origin: Taiwan

Haisi Hisilicon (Huawei Technology Co., Ltd.)

Shenzhen HiSilicon Semiconductor Co., Ltd., a well-known chip brand and a subsidiary of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., specializes in manufacturing high-end optical network cores in the fields of consumer electronics/communication/optical devices. Founded in October 2004, HiSilicon Semiconductor Co., Ltd. is a fast-growing chip and optical device company. Headquartered in Shenzhen, Haisi has design divisions in Beijing, Shanghai, Silicon Valley and Sweden. By the end of 2011, the total number of employees of HiSilicon exceeded 3,000, of which more than 67% had doctoral and master’s degrees. With years of technical accumulation, Haisi has mastered the world-class IC design and verification technology. It has advanced EDA design platform, development process and specifications. It has successfully developed more than 100 chips with independent intellectual property rights and applied for more than 500 patents.

Brand origin: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China


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