Kim Kardashian Life Story

what’s up everybody welcome to today i am going  to tell you how Kim Kardashian is probably one of the greatest marketers of our time and I will also you how she played a fool to catch the food today we are profile Kim Kardashian’s life and network some would say Kim Kardashian is only famous for being famous but Kim Kardashian is an entrepreneur model TV personality and some would say porn star the story of how Kim Kardashian became so rich and famous probably begins from 1809 with her great-great-great great-grandmother Keiko Kardashian who was rumored to have been a witch and made the choice to sell her soul in return for fame fortune and physical beauty for her offspring someone say Keiko Kardashian is the reason for the famous Kardashian curse the Kardashian curse seems to be on any man who date’s a Kardashian Kim Kardashian’s mother kris kardashian her first husband died of cancer and her second husband famous Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner turned into a woman Ray J’s career is now known as the guy who slept with Kim Kardashian.

Tyga has taken so many LS people are now calling him lieth Lamar a star NBA championship player loses his career to drugs after joining the Kardashian family promising young football star Reggie Bush blows out his knee and career goes downhill Kris Humphries career goes downhill and Kim Kardashian divorces him after 72 days of marriage and Kanye who is reportedly 50 million dollars in debt and has bought Kim tan Burger King joints valued at 10 million dollars and 11 million dollar wedding ring a half a million dollar proposal and a plethora of many more extravagant gifts hashtag pray for Kanye in the 1900s Helen and Arthur Kardashian left Armenia to avoid the genocide that has taken place at the time Helena also had a child named Rob Kardashian Kim Kardashian’s father Rob Kardashian will go on to become a famous lawyer and los angeles-area on October 21st 1982 Molina well Kardashian is born in Los Angeles California to parents robert and kris kardashian 1984 kim kardashian starts preschool and his classmates was none other than friend paris hilton another person who has said to be famous for being famous six years later in 1990 kris kardashian or rob kardashian filed for divorce one year later in 1991 kris kardashian marries Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner where she discovered her talent for marketing Chris help Bruce Jenner who was not making much money off his image at the time accumulate over 100 million dollars in endorsements led by kris Jenner’s marketing campaigns 1993 at 13 years old Kim is praying to God each night to stop developing because in the 90s the sexy girls were skinny and she had big hips but breast and lips 1994 Rob Kardashian defends a friend of the family Oh J Simpson in the famous OJ Simpson trial that same year Kim had a serious conversation with a mother and she said that she wanted to have sex for the first time with her boyfriend TJ Jackson Michael Jackson’s nephews Kris Jenner looked at her and replied no problem we just have to get you on birth control first and that was that on Kim Kardashian’s 14th birthday she went to Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch with boyfriend TJ Jackson and soon after lost her virginity to none other than TJ Jackson who she would go on to date for as long as four years in 1995

Kim K attends a Roman Catholic all-girls high school in Los Angeles the turn of the century the year 2000 at 19 years old Kim Kardashian marries her first husband hip-hop producer Damon Thomas the marriage lasted four years from the year 2000 and 2004 Kim said her ex-boyfriend was physically and emotionally abusive to her throughout the marriage ex-husband Damon defended himself saying that she was desperate for fame and he caught her cheating on him numerous times he said she would steal his credit card and deplete his credit cards to no end Damon said Kim K had a lady crush on JLo and caught her cheating on him with J Lo’s husband Chris J 2001 Kim was portably secretly seen Hornstein julien st. jaques during her marriage with Damon Thomas Julian stated that he said that he met the young came at a party and reportedly had a threesome with her and his girlfriend at the time Julian stated that his sexual relationship with the young Kim Kardashian lasted a couple years after meeting that same year Kim Kardashian was Paris Hilton’s assistant when Paris Hilton made a sex tape called one night in Paris that reportedly leaked to the public unknown after the leaked Paris used the attention to create a reality show from her newfound fame Paris will go on to become the first celebrity who is known for being famous for being famous rumor has it Kim K took notes of this in her epic plan to recreate the same success Paris created by planning her own 16 2002 Kim Kardashian becomes a personal shopper for Lindsay Lohan a person who knows how to use controversy to stay in the media 2003 Kim K becomes a stylist for brandy and Ray J who while officially still married starts dating R&B artist Ray J for the next three years this is reportedly when the infamous sex tape between Ray J and Kim Kardashian was officially made the same year she hooked up with Ray J her father Rob Kardashian tragically passed away from cancer 2004 Damien and Kim K officially divorced and go their separate ways Kim reportedly received 10 million dollars from her first divorce settlement 2006 Kim K was back on the dating scene starting with Jessica Simpson’s eggs reality show star Nick Lachey who was quoted saying Kim Kardashian was only with me to try to use me to get famous she also went on a date Nick Cannon Fonzworth Bentley and settled the year with Reggie Bush as her main booth that same year Kanye West took notice the Kim Kardashian for the first time on a Ryan Seacrest radio show he admitted he’s seen a picture of her in Paris and had an immediate crush saying I remember telling my boy have you seen that girl Kim Kardashian she is fun in 2007 the infamous Kim K and Ray J sex tape leaked hit the web and Kim K claimed that she was not behind the leaked tape Kim reportedly soothes vivid entertainment but avoids court was a settlement of five million dollars cha-ching it was said by Insider Ian Halperin that Kim Kardashian’s mom helped facilitate the deal behind the scenes before allowing the of the video too vivid entertainment instead that Kim took notes on Paris Hilton and leaked a sex tape just to follow it up with a reality show called Keeping Up with the Kardashians reportedly after the tape released Kris Jenner reached out to Ryan Seacrest was the idea of Keeping Up with the Kardashians on the E Network Ryan Seacrest said yes and it turned out to be a hit with 13 plus seasons and the show is still reportedly earning Kim over a hundred and fifty thousand dollars per episode Shep Sheen 2007 was a busy year for Kim she decided after the video leaked to accept an offer from Playboy to be in the December issue during 2007 Kim Kardashian was off and on with her boyfriend Reggie Bush and was rumored to have been seen 50 cent young Kanye the game Bret Lockett Evan Ross and even Scott Storch after the infamous sex tape Elite 2008 with the help of her leaked video Kim K became the most googled celebrity in 2008 ending Britney Spears four-year run beating Paris at her own game was a success of Keeping Up with the Kardashians Kim started taking on endorsements and movie roles and was even seen on Dancing with the Stars 2009 Reggie Bush calls it quits with Kim Kardashian and so does longtime friend Harrison Hill 2009 was a busy business year Kim was working around the clock on endorsements movies show appearances and her own line of products and informational workout DVD 2010 Kim Kardashian was trying everything in o.9 and in 2010 she even released a music video called Jam aka turn it up with all the negative reviews Kim said that making that song was one of her biggest regret it was rumoured in 2010 Kim Kardashian and the crew over at E was looking for a love interest for Kim Kardashian to spice up the show so she went on a dating binge and started dating Shengo DM Miles Austin Michael köppen John Mayer Gabriel Aubry Christina Ronaldo Kanye and Kim even licked up a few times but she finally settled with Kris Humphries Kim in 2010 will go on to get her own Hollywood wax figure and along with her Hollywood image she would go on to buy a five million dollar Beverly Hills mansion which is one of the most expensive places in the world to live 2011

Kim Kardashian sues Old Navy for 20 million dollars because they used a model that looked very similar to Kim Kardashian that same year Kim and Sears partnered up and came out with an exclusive line of products that grossed her over 250 million dollars in sales Kim also will go on to get married in a controversial and publicized 72 day marriage with Kris Humphries it was rumored that Kim K made over 18 million dollars in endorsement deals and TV rights to her wedding 2012 after years of speculation and years of courtship Kim Kardashian confirms in a tweet that she was the proud girlfriend of Kanye West in December of 2012 at a concert Kanye West announced that Kim was pregnant with their first child they reportedly had northwest in Rome near the Vatican one night after a wining and dining session they slipped off somewhere private and made some bacon without the precautionary measures in pal North West was born 2013 Kim Kardashian is pregnant it shows up at the Met Ball in a flower dress that breaks the internet with funny meme Kanye West proposes to Kim at an empty baseball stadium with firework a 50-person Orchestra using the jumbotron to pop the question Kanye reportedly spent over a half a million dollars on the proposal and 11 million dollars on the wedding ring On June 13th 2013 baby Northwest was born and making Kim and Kanye parents for the first time ever shortly after birth Kim was trying to hide her child from the limelight and decided to do a loyalty test with her friends to see who she could trust Kim sent each of her friends a different fake baby photo to see which one of her friends would go behind her back and leaked the photo to the media as you guessed it a few of her friends leaked the fake photos showing Kim who her real friends were 2014 Kim and Kanye feels a deal and officially become husband and wife in Florence Italy that same year Kim breaks the internet and shows off her new fit body after pregnancy by posing nude for paper magazine that same year Kanye West buys Kim K ten Burger King franchises as a gift in June of 2014 Kim makes the biggest financial gain of her career she creates an app called Kim Kardashian Hollywood that grosses her over two hundred million dollars and the crazy thing about the app and she is pocketing 45% of that 200 million that’s 90 million dollars raping her net worth to a hundred and fifty million dollars 2015 Kim K releases her selfie book that profits her over 1.5 million dollars

Kim also announced that she is pregnant with her second child on December 5th 2015 Kim and Kanye have their second child and it’s a boy they named him Saint West that same year versus general previously identified as a male reveals his or should I say her new identity as a trans woman 2016 while staying in pairs Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in her hotel for 11 million dollars in jewelry but don’t worry all her jewelry had insurance so Kim did not lose a dime on her network that same year Kanye had a mental breakdown and was hospitalized over his tour but don’t worry Kanye had over 30 million dollars for cancellation insurance so he did not lose a dime on his hospitalization thank God for insurance 2017 Kim continues to try to hide her children from the spotlight in an effort to give her kids a good childhood experience Kim and Kanye are building an 11 million dollar mansion in Bel Air with over-the-top accessories like a bowling rink in gold toilet Kim and Kanye also on a 20 million dollar mansion and a 30 million dollar pit house in New York not only that but they actually own their own island in the Caribbean that they plan to give to Northwest when she gets older in 2018 Kim is set to make a cameo appearance in ocean’s 8 set to release June 2018 Kim Kardashian’s current net worth is an estimated one hundred and fifty million dollars and now because of her new ab game she is now pulling in a hefty 50 million dollars a year to add to her ever-growing net worth Kim Kardashian is a force to be reckoned with and she has been in the top 10 most such people in the world for over a hundred and six months no other person in the world top says second place is Obama with a hundred and two months she has been in the top ten most searched people of all time for almost as many months as Drake and Beyonce combined not too bad for a girl with no talent so what’s the conclusion how did Kim Kardashian become the powerhouse that she is today here are my seven reasons on how Kim Kardashian was able to take over the celebrity world number one she grew up with a rich and famous due to her father’s success number two her mom was a genius-level marketer and brand builder number three Kim had the right mentor which was her mom Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan number four none of this could have been achieved without Kim being a very ambitious successful urban person number five her good looks had helped her gain and maintain attention at a high level number six Kim being a businesswoman has helped her turn her 15 minutes of fame into over a decade of success number seven and of course the infamous sex tape that sparked it all so many people believe Kim Kardashian blew up off of a sex tape and that she has no real skills or talent this belief frustrates people to no end but could it be that we have all been tricked and Kim Kardashian is a genius that is playing us all primarily like the puppets we are this is my theory and how Kim Kardashian pulled off the greatest marketing plan of all time I believe she was friends with Paris and watched how Paris went from a rich kid to a famous celebrity without having a tailor like singing acting or being a famous athlete Kim seen how her friend used him sex tape to get attention and then spin it off into a reality show I believe she took that mentorship from Paris and like the great artist Pablo Picasso said good artists copy great artists steal I believe she partnered up on her entrepreneurial mother in an effort to make her a famous brand starting with the same strategy Paris had by shooting a sex tape that would leak to the public so that she could take that attention spit it off and turn it into a successful TV show over the last few decades we’ve been asking ourselves why is she still famous being that the sex tape was leaked over ten years ago how is it that she is still famous I mean other celebrities have tried this next pink candle to get famous but it didn’t work for them how is she still relevant my theory and how she has been in the top 10 most searched people for almost 10 years running is that Kim Kardashian is a brand and I believe her team wakes up every single day and asked themselves what story can we sell today that will get the most attention possible I believe her life is one manufactured story that keeps people hooked on her 24/7 as hard as it may be to admit I believe she is not just some dumb bimbo who got lucky but I believe she has been playing a fool this whole time to catch a fool and we are those fools that are falling for her tricks every time we laugh at her she wins out of jealousy and spite we laugh at her embarrassment while in reality she is laughing back at us because she has got all of our attention inattention pay let’s be honest who wants to give Tim credit for being a genie and who really wants to admit that we have been fooled by the Kardashian machine just a little advice for others out there looking to become famous don’t make us sex tape unless you have the looks money connections and business skills to marketing or else you may just end up another victim of the Kardashian machine who believes there was only the sex tape that made Kim as famous as she is well that’s it.

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