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Hi, I’m Ishtiyaq Bhat, and welcome to TechCyder. Well, we have already discussed about machine learning and you might be familiar with artificial intelligence also.

In this article, we gonna talk about the 2018 International Conference on Machine Learning taking place from July 10th through the 15th at Stockholm, Sweden.

The 35th International Conference on Machine Learning is the leading international machine learning conference. And It’s supported by the International Machine Learning Society. Attend and you’ll see tutorials that cover defining and designing fair algorithms. They’ll illustrate the problems that lie in algorithm fairness, drawing on ideas for machine learning, economics and legal theory.

Also see talks about AI and security. Here you’ll learn more about secure deep learning, challenges and approaches to ensure the integrity of decisions made by deep learning. Follow the link provided to the ICML 2018 home page to find out more about speakers, other tutorials, and talks.

Well if you have any queries, you can write us in the comment section . And we’ll see you next week for more AI News, till then goodbye


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